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“God is wont to open a door of hope, a door through which there flashes a sweet light out of heaven upon the soul.” – Jonathan Edwards

“It is of God that we actually receive all the benefits that Christ has purchased.” – Jonathan Edwards

“All teaching is in vain, without learning.” – Jonathan Edwards

“What can I do for the good of men?” – Jonathan Edwards

“Those great drops of blood that fell down to the ground were a manifestation of an ocean of love in Christ’s heart.” – Jonathan Edwards

“O sinner! Consider the fearful danger you are in…” – ­Jonathan Edwards

“All God’s mercy to sinners is through a Savior.” – Jonathan Edwards

“The Spirit of God works immediately upon men’s consciences. In conviction their consciences are awakened.” – Jonathan Edwards

“Heaven is the house where God dwells with his family.” – Jonathan Edwards

“That ‘tis God’s manner to make men sensible of their misery and unworthiness, before he appears in his mercy and love to them.” – Jonathan Edwards