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“What a difference grace makes!” – George Muller

“Every instance of obedience, from right motives, strengthens us spiritually, whilst every act of disobedience weakens us.” – George Muller

“The great point is to remember that what we have and what we are, we have and are by the grace of God.” – George Muller

“The reason why the children of God are so frequently overpowered by difficulties and trials is, because they attempt to carry their burden themselves, instead of casting it upon God, as He…graciously allows them to do….” – George Muller

“Now because we love one another we may speak freely. …Instead of agreeing to differ; let us agree to love one another because of Christ’s love to us. …While in weakness and infirmity, let us agree to walk together…being of the same heavenly family.” – George Muller

“The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials.” – George Muller