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“Two at least are needed for oneness; and the greater the number of individuals, the greater…the possible unity.” – George MacDonald

“This love of our neighbor is the only door out of the dungeon of self” – George MacDonald

“The cry of the deepest in man has always been, to see God.” – George MacDonald

“Diversity is in and from God; peculiarity in and from man.” – George MacDonald

“The man who does not house self, has room to be his real self—God’s eternal idea of him.” – George MacDonald

“God is life, and the will-source of life.” – George MacDonald

“Every act of worship is a holding up to God of what God hath made us.” – George MacDonald

“To understand the words of our Lord is the business of life.” – George MacDonald

“To see God is to stand on the highest point of created being.” – George MacDonald

“What was it that made him glorious? It was that, like his Father, he ministered to the wants of men.” – George MacDonald