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“The path of safety and true happiness is in seeking the well-being of those around” – F.B. Meyer

“Work out what God works in.” – F.B. Meyer

“We must seek to realize constantly the presence of God” – F.B. Meyer

“The eternal purpose of God, which must certainly include us all, must be claimed by a living faith.” – F.B. Meyer

“Do not look at your faith or at your feelings; but look away to the word of promise, and, above all, to the Promiser.” – F.B. Meyer

“Ask Him [God] to wake you morning by morning for communion and Bible study.” – F.B. Meyer

“When a man is right with God, God will freely use him.” – F.B. Meyer

“Nothing so tests the quality of our minds as our use and choice of adjectives.” – F.B. Meyer

“Holy souls see God amid the ordinary commonplaces of earth, and find everywhere an open vision.” – F.B. Meyer

“Evidently bigness is not greatness.” – F.B. Meyer