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“If I have no love for God nor for my fellow man, then I can not work acceptably.” – D.L. Moody

“I have learned that in acquiring anything a man must make many blunders.” – D.L. Moody

“Turn to the light of God, and the reflection will flash in your heart.” – D.L. Moody

“God has made the soul a little too large for this world.” – D.L. Moody

“It is God who speaks the word and gives the love” – D.L. Moody

“Society is false; it is a sham.” – D.L. Moody

“Have faith in God! Take Him at His word! Believe what He says!” – D.L. Moody

“People will stand almost any kind of plain talk if you only do it in love.” – D.L. Moody

“He who can stand alone is a hero.” – D.L. Moody

“The mistake is, that we have been preaching too much, and sympathizing too little.” – D.L. Moody