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“It is something great to really believe that all things are possible with God.” – Andrew Murray

“God is willing to maintain our life.” – Andrew Murray

“God Himself is love, and therefore He blesses.” – Andrew Murray

“Grace is for timely help, well-timed help, just the special help we need at each moment.” – Andrew Murray

“The New Life is a life in love. Love is the greatest thing. Let it be the chief element in our life” – Andrew Murray

“God has no selfishness, God keeps nothing to Himself.” – Andrew Murray

“Life is power. In the new life, that is, in your heart, there is the power of eternity.” – Andrew Murray

“In prayer the power for work is obtained.” – Andrew Murray

“Deliverance from self-life means to be a vessel overflowing with love to everybody all the day.” – Andrew Murray

“Begin each day by tarrying before God, and letting Him touch you. Take time to meet God.” – Andrew Murray