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What a real love story looks like.
When Rebekah looked up & saw Isaac, she got down from her camel & asked the servant, “Who is that man out in the field coming toward us?”
Genesis 24:64-65 MSG
Sometimes answers come with silence.
“The man watched, silent. Was this God’s answer? Had God made his trip a success or not?”
Genesis 24:21 MSG
I’m about to make the Eliezer prayer my own. Feel free to join in with me below:
Eliezer: “O God, God of my master Abraham, make things go smoothly this day”
Genesis 24:12 MSG

If this is to be our end, then I would..make such an end. (Unabashed plagiarism; deal with it)

“Abraham was now an old man. God had blessed Abraham in every way.”

Genesis 24:1 MSG

Making a difference in the community.
Hittites to Abraham: “Why, you’re no mere outsider here with us, you’re a prince of God!”
Genesis 23:6 MSG
Before they went Abraham knew He and Isaac would return.
Abraham: “The boy and I are going over there to worship; then we’ll come back to you.”
Genesis 22:5 MSG
God to Abraham: “All nations on Earth will find themselves blessed through your descendants because you obeyed me.”
Genesis 22:18 MSG