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“If some disappoint you, do not turn bitter.” – Francis Schaeffer

“The vision of God is the source of patience, because it imparts a moral inspiration.” – Oswald Chambers

“Those who take God’s Word seriously are convinced of an actual heavenly realm as real as this world we inhabit!” – A.W. Tozer

“The mightiest civilizing powers are personalities, and the mightiest civilizing personalities are Christian men.” – W.G. Scroggie

“The God of the Bible is the Almighty God. He is still the moral ruler of His universe.” – J. Vernon McGee

“God who made us out of nothing, re-creates us, as it were, every moment.” – Francois Fenelon

“The Lord Jesus brings peace to the tormenting conscience.” – R.A. Torrey

“God never intended that such a being as mankind should become the mere plaything of his or her feelings.” – A.W. Tozer

“When He begins a work, He never gives up until it is completed.” – H.A. Ironside

“Fervency in prayer is the precursor of what God will do by way of answer.” – E.M. Bounds