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“Our joy in Him may be a fluctuating thing: His joy in us knows no change.” – J. Hudson Taylor

“The Bible teaches that faith is the only approach to God.” – Billy Graham

“Why should we call ‘preaching’ a greater thing than ‘business’? Does it not depend upon what is the plan of God for you?” – Jessie Penn Lewis

“How strange it is that men do not realize the love of God!” – Charles Finney

“True spirituality means that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of all of life.” – Francis Schaeffer

“We are led by a supernatural Captain in right paths to assured victories.” – J. Hudson Taylor

“God has no selfishness, God keeps nothing to Himself.” – Andrew Murray

“Jesus and heaven are bound up together.” – E.M. Bounds

“Be not conformed to this world in the company you keep.” – Robert Murray McCheyne

“The life of entire surrender is a joyous life all along the way.” – R.A. Torrey