Archives for the month of: September, 2011

“Come joy or come sorrow, we may always take it from the hand of God.” – J. Hudson Taylor

“It is as impossible for a true Christian to be hid, as a city built upon a hill.” – George Whitefield

“Properly to appreciate the power of God in the resurrection of Christ, one must appreciate it in one’s own experience.” – F.F. Bruce

“What was it that made him glorious? It was that, like his Father, he ministered to the wants of men.” – George MacDonald

“It is not what is done for God that will last, but what is done by God.” – T. Austin Sparks

“How then can you fully enjoy this leading? The first thing that is necessary for this is faith.” – Andrew Murray

“Peace without energy may be only stagnation; and energy without peace may be but a form of panic.” – W. Graham Scroggie

“Wherever the Word comes without power its essential content is missed.” – A.W. Tozer

“He who often thinks of God, will have a larger mind than the man who simply plods around this narrow globe.” – C.H. Spurgeon

“You have been praying for blessing. But do remember, there must be absolute surrender.” – Andrew Murray