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“The foundation of true religion stands upon the oracles of God.” – John Wesley

“My friends, if you go to the Lord with your troubles, He will take them away.” – D.L. Moody

“Every successful work of God must have opposition.” – Billy Graham

“The Spirit of God works immediately upon men’s consciences. In conviction their consciences are awakened.” – Jonathan Edwards

“Devotion dwells in the realm of quietness and is still before God.” – E.M. Bounds

“God Himself is the great source of power. It is His possession.” – J. Hudson Taylor

“He is indeed the ‘Lamb.’ There is nothing harsh or haughty or retaliative about Him.” – J. Sidlow Baxter

“Work implies effort and labor: the essential idea of fruit is that it is the silent natural restful produce of our inner life.” – Andrew Murray

“Eternity alone will unfold the riches of his promise.” – Robert Murray McCheyne

“How simple is the Gospel!” – Corrie ten Boom