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“This is a word of caution in the matter of Christian experience—there is no pattern or formula for identical Christian experiences.” – A.W. Tozer

“Reflected peace is the proof that you are right with God because you are at liberty to turn your mind to Him.” – Oswald Chambers

“Following Christ means following him through life, following him in every word and gesture, following him out of one clime into another.” – George Whitefield

“The truth is, there is not in all God’s word a single ground, or even excuse, given to a believer for doubting divine grace or his own blessing in Christ.” – William Kelly

“Prayer is God’s necessary business, which men only can do, and that men must do.” – E.M. Bounds

“We are not saved by denying self, or taking up our cross, or doing anything else, we are saved by simply believing in Jesus.” – R. A. Torrey

“What is it to believe in Him? It means to put your soul’s confidence in Him, to trust in Him, God’s blessed Son.” – Harry A. Ironside

“Lord, I surrender. I am completely overcome by your love.” – Richard Baxter

“The world was a blessed place to Jesus, because everything in it was His Father’s. What pain must it not have been…to see his brothers so…grasping, each for himself, at the family things!” – George MacDonald


“Observe what it is you are invited unto; you are invited into union with God.” – Robert Murray McCheyne