Archives for the month of: January, 2011

“The kingdom of grace is a hospital and guest house of sick ones, fit for the art and mercy of the Physician Christ.” – Samuel Rutherford

“Let us put all our treasures into His hand; then He will never need to take them from us on account of heart idolatry…” – J. Hudson Taylor

“Now, with us the upper lights are all right. Christ Himself is the upper light, and we are the lower lights, and the cry to us is, keep the lower lights burning; that is what we have to do.” – D. L. Moody

“Every internal thought, feeling, and affection of the Lord Jesus was not only perfect as human, but spiritually and divinely excellent…” –Thomas Newberry

“I venture to say…God Himself could not have thought of any other way to prove His love so conclusive as the way He has taken.” – G. Campbell Morgan

“…How can you know when you are in the flesh and when you are in the Spirit?” The answer is: by what is produced in the life!” – Ray C. Stedman

“In conversion there is the yielding up of the independent human will to the guidance of God…” – F. B. Meyer

“If the Bible is uniquely and inerrantly inspired, then we have certainty; we may know real truth about God, about man, about origins, about morals, about the race’s future, and about human destiny on the other side of the grave.” – J. Sidlow Baxter

“God never places us in any position in which we cannot grow.” – Elizabeth Prentiss

“I am a responsible member of Christ, of His House, of His Church. I am not a passenger, not just someone to be carried and fed, but someone taking responsibility, with a sense of trust.” – T. Austin Sparks